About Mark W. Travis

Mark W. Travis is one of the most well-known and highly respected teachers of the art of Hollywood filmmaking in the industry. Drawing from his background in design, writing, acting, theater, film and television, Mark is able to bring new insights and clarity to the complex task of directing feature film.  Mark is a graduate of Antioch College and did his graduate work in the M.F.A program at the Yale School of Drama.

Mark’s directing credits include, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Capitol and the Emmy Award-winning PBS dramatic special, Blind Tom: The Thomas Bethune Story.  In 1990 Mark completed his first feature film, Going Under, starring Bill Pullman and Ned Beatty.

Mark has served as a creative consultant on several feature films including: Men of Honor, Barbershop, Barbershop 2, The Day Reagan Was Shot, Norma Jean, Jack and Me, The Stoning of Soroya M. and television episodes of Lois and Clark, The Pretender, Melrose Place, NYPD Blue, The Practice and Ally MacBeal.

He has conducted directing and filmmaking seminars all over the United Stated as well as in Ukraine, Russia, Japan, England, France, Poland, Germany, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Mark is author of the best-sellers,   The Director’s Journey and Directing Feature Films: the Creative Collaboration between Writers, Directors and Actors.  Mark’s third book: The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks: How to Get What You Want from Writers and Actors, is set for release in September 2011.                                            

2 Responses to About Mark W. Travis

  1. Kathleen Renish says:

    Looking forward to reading your third book Mark.

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