Bluegrass in my soul …

What is it about Bluegrass? Last night, found myself driving home and was suddenly compelled to go by Viva Cantina to hear my favorite Bluegrass band perform, Murphy’s Flaw. Spent the next two hours only inches away from a six-member band that is awesome and humble. Six amazing musicians creating a sound that cuts to the depths of my soul. Bluegrass. And especially the banjo … and the simple ease of John Bryan’s playing .. Oliver Hardy in bowler cap, slick vest and the 5-string banjo. I was in heaven.

For years I’ve wondered why the banjo has become my favorite instrument, my favorite sound. I’ve been stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of a department store or supermarket just because there is a banjo playing somewhere on the Musak.

And now I have my own banjo. A Deering Golden Era. It’s a classic. Top of the line. Only problem is … I think I need to take it out of the case and actually play it … I mean like in practicing. I’m one of those awful, impatient students. I think I should be able to learn something in about ten minutes. Things like foreign languages, computer programs … and the banjo.

IMG_1945Here it is. waiting for me. Wondering why I’m spending time listening to other banjos when I have this classic right in my own home. Just like I’m still wondering why the sound of a bluegrass banjo makes me feel like I am at home .. no matter where I am in the world.

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