DAY 51 – How life is always perfect.

EscherOr, the “Round The World 70th Birthday Tour” experiences another change.

About two years ago I realized that I had taken on a whole new attitude about life. The new attitude: That “everything is perfect, no matter what happens.” That’s right, life is perfect. And every ‘imperfection’ every flaw, every unexpected change, disappointment or surprise is only an adjustment … an adjustment that keeps life perfect.

It took me about four months to plan and put together this Round The World tour. And by the time it was all in place (10 countries, 12 cities, 111 days and 41 days of teaching) it all looked perfect. In fact, it was perfect.

But then of course the adjustments began to happen. Paris instead of Kiev. An unplanned day in Stuttgart, And then a big adjustment, the Southeast Asia portion of the tour (6 weeks in 5 countries) was suddenly moved from July/August to October/November, leaving a big hole in the middle of the tour. At first this didn’t feel perfect at all. Change plans, change flights, cancel reservations, fill the gap. Abandoned in Munich with no place to go.

Today is the day I was supposed to fly to Kuala Lumpur to begin that Southeast Asian part of the tour. And what am I doing? I’m moving across town (Munich) to another apartment and I’ll spend the next ten days relaxing, visiting with friends (old and new), seeing a new film (or two ) every day at the magnificent Munich Film Festival, going to Festival parties. And then in ten days I’ll be home in LA with a chance to sleep in my own bed, reconnect with friends in LA, take walks with Tanner, regroup and prepare for the American part of the tour. And in October and November I’ll be traveling through Southeast Asia. Perfect.

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