DAY 41 – A quiet day in Munich — and the joys of procrastination

Do It StickersWoke up this morning, late, lots of good sleep and even the dreams were friendlier this time. A good morning. You know, one of those mornings where you promise yourself that today is the day you will get all those things done that you have been putting off until you had a day like this .. a day “with nothing to do”. You sit down with your morning coffee or tea, relaxed because the hours of nothingness that stretch out in front of you seem to go on forever. You decide to begin with “the list”. This is the list that will give you a sense of accomplishment, control and confidence that all is possible. By the time you hit item #9 (each item requiring at least a good half hour to hour of your time) you realize that, once again, the world is conspiring against you and by the time you hit item #17 all the feelings of control, confidence and sense of accomplishment are practically gone. And, what has been accomplished?  A list!

So, then what do you do? You turn to Facebook to write about it because you know that at least that will be one thing accomplished. Only problem, the Facebook post wasn’t on the list.

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