DAY 40 – A day of sleep, dreams and reflection

June 20. Munich

First day in weeks that I get to sleep late. So of course I slept until 1 pm. I have this great room in the home of my wonderful friends, Benedikt and Sylvia, in which you can block out the light all day long. So, you wake up and have no idea what time it is. And that’s when I have the most amazing dreams. (Will write out the last amazing dream later.)

While at breakfast (at 2pm) I discover this announcement from the Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam.

Binger June 7 931431_10151650134128205_704693400_nThe Tailor-Made and Artist-in-Residence Directors Lab trajectories came to a close, rounding up with Directing Actors by Mark Travis. The workshop series commenced with a One-Day of Practice, including a demonstration of The Travis Technique by Mark. In the subsequent days, directors were invited to apply Mark’s methods to a scene of their own choice. They worked with actors to take it from the creation of backstory using Mark’s interrogation techniques, through to rehearsal and ended up with a fully blocked scene that was ready to be shot. See Facebook and Instagram for a few impressions captured by participants during this intensive, yet fun session of ‘stepping into the sandbox’ with Mark and the actors.

Nice. Thanks, Binger.


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