DAY 29 (Part 2) – Music on the streets

There’s something about street musicians that gets under my skin … in a good way. I can be walking on any street in any city in the world and the moment I hear the strains of live music I am riveted. I don’t know what it is, but I just have to move towards the sound. I am magnetically pulled … it’s an obligation, a desire, a hunger that is tapped within me. And I can feel my heart swelling with anticipation as I round the corner.

But then add the sound of a banjo and I am a total goner. Many of you know that I am addicted to bluegrass music and am even learning how to play the 5-string banjo. But what I wasn’t expecting was to hear a banjo on the streets of Paris. Not a 5-string banjo, but a tenor banjo, Dixie land banjo … and a Dixie land band right there on Rue St. Germaine.

Within seconds I was standing in front of this group mesmerized. I was the proverbial kid in the candy store. And even though I visited the Opera House (amazing!) and a second visit to the Notre Dame (and even attended a Mass) … this rag-tag Dixie land band was the highlight of my day. There’s a video clip on my Facebook Page for you. Enjoy. We’ll deal with the Opera House (and the mystery of the golden ring) and Notre Dame (and my first impressions of her interior) in future posts.

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