DAY 27 – The final day of teaching in Amsterdam

There iMeysam 1s always a bit of sadness, and relief, on the final day of teaching any workshop. And it’s more than the fact that this is perhaps the last time I will be working with this particular group of actors and directors. It’s a deep seeded feeling within me that this day has to be special. This day has to somehow pull together all the thoughts, dreams, ideas, tools, techniques, possibilities and probabilities of the past week. A tall order for any teacher. And one that I place on myself. Sort of like telling a good story, making a good film. You’re ending better be really good. Truth is: if you have a great ending where all those threads magically intertwine you will be forgiven for whatever flaws and fumblings you exhibited during the journey. So that’s the pressure for today. It’s a good pressure. I like it. Keeps me sharp, on my toes. Now … we’ll see how it goes.

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