DAY 25 – June 5 – a visit from LA friends

It was Monday, June 3rd, and I was giving an 8-hour lecture demonstration on the Travis Technique. And this wasn’t just another presentation (I have done this hundreds of times) but this was for a very special audience – the Staff and enrolled directors in the Binger Filmlab program PLUS 35 Dutch directors from the DDG (Dutch Directors Guild). And, as as I learned later, there were even representatives from the Dutch Film Fund there. Cool.

So, the pressure was on. Besides a few minor technical glitches in the projection system (there must always be a problem, because “without a flaw you cannot reach perfection”) everything was going smoothly. Perfectly. The day ended with my now typical 70th Birthday Celebration (30 iPhone cameras recording the event) and I was pleased. I knew I had done my best.

MT, Myrn and JimBut as we were all moving into the other space for the celebratory wine and cheese … through the front door emerged two of my best friends, Myrna and Jim. Not Dutch friends. Not even European friends. Myrna and Jim are from LA. My co-conspirators in many productions, my collaborators of many, many years (somewhere between 20 and 30 years depending on who you ask). And there they were, coming to congratulate me on a job well done, arriving with perfect timing to share in my event … in fact, to let me know that no matter where are all are in the world (they travel almost as much as I do) we are always there for each other. What a gift! What a perfect ending to a perfect day. Bless you both. Thank you.  Cheers, M.

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2 Responses to DAY 25 – June 5 – a visit from LA friends

  1. how fantastic, Mark. Wish my journeys crossed with yours too. I’m in Singapore now so see you when we both return to LA.

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