DAY 22 – A Day of Transition

Morning in Hanau, Germany … afternoon in Amsterdam.

This is one of those days where you wake up in one city and know you’re going to end the day in another city … in another country. A day of transitions … packing … airports … planes, trains and cars … and eventually new home and unpacking. Not my favorite days. On this journey alone there are going to be over 9 of these days in the first month and a half. This one is #3.

MT in Airport I often say that these are the days that I like the least … the days of transition. But, oddly, these are often the days that I find my mind searching through the neurons and memories, thoughts and reflections … looking for some deeper hidden meaning to all of this. Once is a while I think I have stumbled upon something meaningful. But most often these thoughts (or ‘baby epiphanies’ as I call them) slip away before I can hold them long enough to truly understand what they are.

That was the experience this morning, waking up in a strange bed in a strange hotel in a strange city somewhere near Frankfurt, Germany. My mind seems to be using the fact that I have no idea where I am (or why I am there) to go on a wild goose chase pursuing anything in sight. My ADD in full force, my mind chasing any squirrel that seems mildly interesting. And I lie there trying to convince myself that I am really in charge, totally in control, have everything in order, and that … was that another squirrel?

Writing this in the Frankfurt airport. And of course there is a danger that writing itself is the squirrel that I am chasing and I could easily miss my flight. (It has happened.) So in the pursuit of control and order I will stop writing now and see if I can find gate A56.

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