DAY EIGHTEEN – “A Fire in the Belly”

fire in the bellyToday in the workshop a the Binger Filmlab one of the directors asked Mike Libanon (one of the actors who has been working with me for a few years) what it feels like when the Travis Technique is used in the development of the character. “What does it feel like when you are interrogated” was the specific question. Mike looked at the director and simply said, “It creates a fire right here” placing his hand over his gut, “a fire in my belly. And that fire drives the character.” And then the director, an accomplished director from London, innocently pressed for more information. “And when you work in film and television, Mike, do you run into directors who work the way Mark does.” “Never”, said Mike resentfully. “They’re all up here,” pointing to his head, “all cerebral. So all they do is stimulate my thinking, not my gut, not my soul. But when I work with Mark I always get the fire in my belly. And when I get that fire, then, I am reminded why I wanted to become an actor in the first place. I want to feel that fire.”

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