DAY SIXTEEN – The beginning of the Marathon

marathonMany years ago (in the 1970s and early 80s) I ran a lot of marathons. Mostly in NYC which was fantastic. And one thing I learned from all those months and miles of training that was so crucial to even finishing a marathon was — pacing. With the right pacing matched with your training and ability and mental state, you can finish any marathon.

Today I begin a different type of marathon. Two weeks of constant teaching. Actually, ten days of teaching interrupted only by two days of traveling to Germany for the wedding of a close friend. In other words, there’s no break. No rest period, barely time to slow down and accept that cup of water that is offered by some compassionate bystander. So, pacing, all in the pacing. The training has been going on for years … and the miles? thousands! So I should be okay if I can just keep the mental state focused on the task at hand (and get enough sleep every night .. very important).

A marathon is 26.2 miles. My first marathon (1978) was 3 hours 40 minutes. My last marathon (1982) was 2 hours and 52 minutes. This current marathon is 80 hours of teaching in ten days with a weekend in Germany which will consume about 36 hours. No problem, pacing … and just ignore the people who are passing you. They might not get to the finish line.

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