DAY FIFTEEN – A Day At The Museum

Woke up this morning, excited. Finally get to return to my favorite museum in the whole world, the RijksmKitchen Maiduseum in Amsterdam. The Dutch Masters at their very best! When I first came to Amsterdam 10 years ago the museum was going through a renovation … for a few years … which lasted Ten Years. And now, finally, it is finished. So now, for the first time, I get to see the entire museum.

And my favorite painting … which hangs over my fireplace at home … Vermeer’s Kitchen Maid.

So why did I wake up with all those wobbly, undulating images at the corners of my eyes? Couldn’t even read an email, or newspaper. Peripheral vision is shot. But, I’m confident that by the time I get to the museum it will have passed … or I’ll just let Rembrandt, Vermeer, Jan Steen and Frans Hals dazzle me with their depiction and control of light. That oughta do it.

I’ll bring back stories.

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