DAY THIRTEEN – And It’s a FRIDAY! – a day of miracles – and serendipity –

I’m not really a superstitious kind of guy. So black cats, the number 13, and ladders hold no special meaning for me. I consider myself a serendipidist. My spell check tells me that there is no such word. Great! Well, now there is. And I will now proclaim myself the first member of this very special group of individuals. Let me explain what a serendipidist is .. by way of a story.

Lies Father Yellow PosterI recall seeing a great film many years ago. “Lies My Father Told Me” – (1975 Canadian film  by Jan Kadar and written by Ted Allan). It’s the story of a young boy, David (coming-of-age story) learning about life from two key sources, his father, Harry and his grandfather, Zaida, who loves to tell stories, most of them made up.  His grandfather, Zaida makes a living selling junk that he has collected out of the back of his horse-drawn wagon. One day, miraculously, the grandfather Zaida sells some of this junk for a lot of money. He tells David, “That was a miracle.”  As they are driving the wagon home, the two sitting on the front seat, reins to the horse in the Zaida’s hands, David turns to his Grandfather and says, “Grandpa, do you believe in miracles?” And, without much thought, the Grandfather says, “No.” Then, after a brief moment of thought, he adds, “But I count on them.”

Lies Father Told Me StillThe Grandfather is a serendipidist. A man who, regardless of his religious or spiritual beliefs has a deep trust and reliance upon the inexplicable, the miraculous, the unpredictable and even the magical. He is a man who relies on what he cannot see, cannot predict and certainly cannot explain. He is a man who watches life in wonder. Not in wonder as to why or how things happen. But in wonder at life itself, relishing in the fact that it will always remain inexplicable and that all he has to do is be aware, stay in the moment, not cling to anything and not push anything away. And his complete confidence that the miraculous will always happen gives him comfort and brings peace to his soul. A serendipidist through and though.

Here’s a clip from the film:

So, today for me is a day of serendipity. It actually started yesterday (DAY TWELVE) with a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre to fulfill a promise to a friend (more on that later) and then home to my Moscow apartment to get hit square between the eyes by an email that I somehow knew was coming, yet I wasn’t totally prepared. (And more on that tomorrow). And then the flight to Amsterdam where I am now, meeting my good friend Jaap (you’ll meet him later too) and finally a talk with dear Terence that put me at rest. All serendipitous. All miraculous. And my life is richer and full of more wonder because of it all.



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