Wednesday, May 22. Last full day in Moscow. Fly to Amsterdam tomorrow evening. Day to be a tourist here and of course it rains. But did manage to get back to Red Square (wanted to shoot some video there), the Moscow Art Theater (now called the Checkov Moscow Art Theatre) and to the Bolshoi Ballet as a special favor for a friend of mine. One special surprise, right in the middle of Red Square there is a large stage set up for what is going to be clearly a major concert. And in the rain, in the middle of the afternoon, an amazing sound of a huge chorus in rehearsal. The richness of their singing, the sound of the orchestra was just too much for me. Stopped me in my tracks. With my little point and shoot camera I did the best I could to capture the sights, the sounds and the energy of this event. I’m going to try to post it here on this blog (a video) but if it doesn’t take the video I’ll post it on my FB page. ( I try my best to capture the magic of moments like this. It’s hard. And often I feel like I’m ruining the moment for myself by trying to record it. A complex and often confounding situation. Regardless, here is it.

Okay, no video here. So in place of the video here’s a picture of St. Basil’s Cathedral.  Go to the FB to hear the concert.


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