DAY TEN – Finally, A Day of Rest

Tuesday, May 21 – The last day of teaching was fantastic. It seems I always go through the same pattern in my teaching. First day – cautious and slightly nervous beginning, myself and students hoping for some moment of magic or inspiration. Middle days – we settle into a routine and slowly get to know each other and I get my grounding and they gain confidence. Final day – go out with a bang, fireworks and, often, unexpected waves of gratitude and enthusiasm – from both sides. I realize how lucky I am to have these experiences over and over again. Each time with a new group of students, each time ending with such powerful connections and 50-100 new friends. Miraculous. I am grateful every day.

Some quick shots of the final day …


Exploring the Interrogation Process with Natalia (director), Dima (interpreter) and Nicholas (actor)


Mark and Natalia (director). Natalia soon became the first contributor to the Travis Technique DVD Project. She is very proud of that.


Mark demonstrating techniques to generate emotions within the character.


Part of the rest of the class.

DSC_0245And at the end of the day. Book signings. And millions of questions.

And a few wonderful birthday gifts.

And now I will spend the rest of DAY TEN … resting. Most likely will not go anywhere. What I call a pajamas and bathrobe day. Love those days. Never have to get dressed. Can sleip into bed and take a nap at any time. Putter around for hours. Listen to music. Enjoy life and all the wonders that it brings. A great day.

Tomorrow. Moscow. Exploring the city again with good friends.

More news soon. Cheers, M.

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