Third day of teaching in Moscow and tonight I announced the 70th Birthday Tour part of the Round the World Tour. And, once again I thought I was springing something on an unsuspecting crowd and they would be dazzled by the concept, the number 70 and the traveling birthday party that they were suddenly in. No such reaction. Why? They had all been prepared by Gennadiy (my host) and they were ready! Suddenly the smart phones and camera came out and they, right on cue, started filming. Then they launched into singing “Happy Birthday” with about 20 cameras shooting. Only one slight problem. There seems to be two very different versions of “Happy Birthday”. One is our version except with Russian lyrics. And the other is the more traditional Russian version. So it took a minute or two to sort out which one to sing first. And yes, they insisted on singing both! Then a ton of gifts (totally unsuspected … I thought I was going to surprise them) including three bottle of vodka (of course) unique Russian ceramics, a great book on Russian Film History (in both Russian and English) and on and on and on. I was to touched. I was totally unprepared for this event. Photos to follow soon.


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