DAY SEVEN – and tired already

I know I made this promise to post a blog every day. And so far I have done just that. But now that I’m into the rigors (love that word) of teaching and already a bit at the mercy of the eager students I can feel the stress and the drain. And it’s only TWO DAYS into teaching.

I have run several marathons (back in the 70s and 80s) so I do know what it is like heading out on that long journey that seems endless (and perhaps even pointless) and knowing that it is all a matter of pace and mental and physical concentration. It can be done. Just have to keep he mind on the moment, in the moment and not think about how many more miles to go.

So I am at the beginning of this teaching and traveling marathon and (like in one of the marathon’s I ran in New York) can feel already that perhaps I did not train enough, didn’t put in the miles, the hours, the preparation. But it is too late, the race has already started and either you keep running or you drop out. Well, of course I’m not dropping out of this one but I do know that I must conserve and focus my energy better.

In fact, I shouldn’t even be writing this blog right now. I should be sleeping. See? That’s my problem (and it is a serious one). I don’t know when to stop and rescue myself from myself. I always think “I can get one more thing done … then I’ll go to sleep”. Not a good way to operate. I should know. I’ve been doing it for years.

So, I will stop here and just add the FB post that I just wrote.

DAY SEVEN – May 18.
First day of teaching at the Alexandre Mitta Film School ( and it is now 1:30 am and I just got home from dinner. Welcome to Russia time. They don’t like to start early in the morning. Something about the trouble they have getting up early and then the traffic and a host of other reasons. So we don’t start until 11 am!! Which means that lunch is at 3pm and dinner is sometime after 9pm (when the seminar ends). This has thrown my whole clock totally off. It’s hard enough dealing with and 11-hour time change after a 12.5 hour flight just to get here. And now this.

But I deal with it as best as I can. But then to be standing in front of 50-60 students at 11 am and being told that “some students will be late … the traffic you know” … well, that was too much so I just started at 11am and those who were late … were just late.

It was great when I got to talking about character obstacles and I could reference all the obstacles I could imagine they were having getting here at all, if not on time. My little bit of revenge.

Time for sleep. Here’s a quick shot of the Napoleon dessert one of our group was about the consume and of me trying to stay awake (I look tired) at the Pushkin Restaurant (very old, very trendy, very expensive).

More news tomorrow …


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