DAY SIX – the Teaching Begins

First day of teaching. At the oddly named “High Courses of Screenwriters & Film Directors, Moscow”. I have a feeling something got lost in the translation. All the ideas are there but …

So, first day of teaching on this world-wrapping marathon. In fact is was a day of teaching that I had promised to do .. but had forgotten about. That happens, doesn’t it? It wasn’t until my Russian host, Gennadiy reminded me yesterday, “Don’t forget, 11am, at the High Courses Film School. Two hour lecture. 40-50 students.” And of course I nodded my jet-lagging head in agreement and tried the conversation we had had weeks ago where this had first been mentioned. It did come back to me. But what slipped away was a full day of sleep and relaxation. But then, of course, Gennadiy followed this with “and then we’ll do the Moscow Radio interview right after that.” Great. Another appointment. Means the brain has to keep working until the wee hours of the afternoon.

But, all in all, it all went fine. Something wonderful happens when you haven’t had enough time to prepare and the notes you jotted down in one of your many notebooks seem to be hiding out of spite. And following a two-hour lecture demonstration that might have been one of my most succint and clear explanations of the Travis Technique I began to realize that I had become a slave to my own preparation, including the marvelous and malicously controlling Keynote (Power Point to you PC users). And having abandoned notes and Keynotes and going ‘off the cuff’ has proven to be quite liberating. So now I am wondering if I dare continue this approach over the next three days. Three days of intensive workshops, Only about ten hours a day for the first two days. It’s a shorter schedule on the third day, Monday, when we start at 5pm and go to only 11pm. Wish me luck. Because right now I am so tired from either not sleeping or sleeping at the wrong time that I am convinced that almost anything can happen … and probably will.

Oh, by the way, the electricity is back on in the apartment. Had something to do with that breaker box that sits nestled in the cobweb of wires in the hallway. Of course, I should have know that.

More news tomorrow … and maybe a few pictures.

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