They say that “every journey starts with a single step”. I don’t know who ‘they’ are or who first said that but they certainly haven’t been in my house for the past few days. This journey actually began months ago (March 8th to be precise) and the ‘steps’ that have been taken in that time are enormous. Overwhelming. When I look back on what had to be done … if I had known … I don’t think I would have attempted it at all. So, I guess ‘they’ are right. One step at a time. And now, today, the big step is to get me and my suitcases to the airport on time to catch the 4:25 flight to Moscow.

So, here’s are the questions of the moment, before the suitcases get snapped shut:

– What essential item is going to get forgotten and why can’t I think of it?

– Or is the fact that I have thought of it and packed it mean that there are other essential items that will be forgotten?

– And why, after over a decade and a half of this kind of travel … why aren’t I better organized? You would think I would have this packing thing down like clockwork.  Well, I don’t.

– How do I explain to my ‘best friend’, Tanner, that “Yes I am going away again for a long time, but once again I will be back.  I will be back. I always come back.” When will someone figure out how to communicate these simple ideas to a loyal and trusting canine?Image

Okay, back to those suitcases and pesky questions. I’ll arrive in Moscow tomorrow, May 16th, will post something as soon as I can find a way to get a reliable connection.

Til then …

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