DAY THREE – A Day of Reparations

Figured out today that the whole trip is actually 111 days. How could I have been off by three days? And, as I said before, my goal is to post something, anything, every day. I’ve done the first three. So far, so good.

So, today was the day of reparations. After losing a crown last night, and then having the taping of a workshop promo cancelled due to a cold and feeling that within only two days of birthday #70 things were beginning to dissemble … I figured it was time to pull it all back together. So, this morning, bright and early … a one-hour deep tissue massage (absolutely awesome!) followed by a sauna (and meditating in the sauna, I highly recommend it) and then a quick visit to my amazing dentist where said disconnected crown was successfully reattached. Nothing quite like feeling you’ve been put back together.

So, now that I am whole again I can feel that great rush of creativity flowing through me that I always wait for.  As I wrap up all the last minute documents for workshops in Amsterdam, Moscow, Munich and Malaysia … the rush comes. Unannounced, Very welcomed.

I don’t know if anyone else has this experience, but … every time I go on one of these overseas teaching assignments I get a wave of anxiety that actually has me wishing I didn’t have to go. Not anxious about the teaching .. not at all .. I’m fine with that. Just anxious about going. I don’t want to do it. But then, like right now, in the last minutes of packing and planning and finalizing workshops and schedules I sometimes get this wonderful “creative rush”. It’s amazing. I don’t know where it comes from but I do believe that I can count on it happening. I can’t make it happen. I just have to wait and see … and then often it just comes on its own whenever it wants to. And it can go away just as quickly.

So, now I sit here, listening to some of my favorite music (Phantom of the Opera at the moment) and allow myself to be immersed in this sense of creative flow. Maybe, this time, it has something to do with the deep tissue massage and that great sauna. Certainly worth considering. Definitely worth repeating.

Til tomorrow …

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