Over the past few weeks I’ve been to many acting workshops and observed many different teachers critique the scenes. One thing is very clear … actors are not very adept at Staging their own scenes. This is understandable, staging is a very specific and difficult director’s tool. But what is not understandable is that none of these acting teachers ever address the fact that the poor or weak staging is what is negatively affecting the scene, and thereby affecting the work of the actors. And now, after so many workshops, I am beginning to think that these teachers, also, have no idea about the power of staging. And what a shame. A big part of the training of actors must be to indoctrinate them to the power of staging, teach the how to stage themselves in a power and dynamic way. Help them see how the can improve their own performance, and the performance of their scene partner just through the staging. I’m going to another workshop tomorrow night … maybe this time the experience will be different.ImageImage

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