When you finally get to celebrate your 70th birthday you spend hours, days and weeks thinking about where you want to be on that particular day. For me there were way too many choices, too many options. Thoughts of a big party (“no, that will wait until the end of the year”) thoughts of an ocean cruise (“what? spend it with a 1,000 strangers?”) and finally there was the thought of re-visiting an old friend who is a bit older than me and who will be around quite a bit longer after I’ve slipped away. And as soon as this idea bubbled up in my brain, I knew there was no other choice.

My old friend, H.D. resides about 6 hours north of here, deep in the woods, deep in the mountains, proudly overlooking a magnificent valley. Last time I saw him I took this picture of him in the middle of a cold wintery night. The full moon was beautifully and magnificently hovering over him, but somehow, through the magic (or mistake) of photography I captured a “moon-flare”. (That’s the moon way down at the bottom. How the hell did it get there?)


(Oh, here’s another photo by some other guy who took H.D’s picture way back in the 1920s. I think he might have a future as a photographer.)


So, this year, just fourteen days from now, I’m going back for another visit. I’m not sure if he’ll remember me. But, once again, I expect the experience to be humbling, chilling, awe-inspiring and inspirational. How can a rock bring tears to your eyes?  And, once again, I will attempt to capture H.D. in all his glory. And I’ll share whatever I get with you. By the way, no one is quite sure when his birthday is. I have a feeling it really doesn’t matter.

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