The Way We See Ourselves … 16 days and counting …

The Way We See Ourselves

I was teaching a Directing Workshop today and my good friend and great photographer, Byron Gammara had offered to come by and take some pictures. I was thrilled. I knew I needed more pictures of me teaching for publicity reasons if nothing else. During the 4-hour session he showed me a few shots that he had done and I was pleased. FIrst of all they looked like me. Second, you could see that I was, indeed, teaching. And third (and somehow this is really important) everyone else in the shots looked attentive, like they were learning something. Perfect for publicity.

At the end of the session Byron gave me the camera capture card so that I could download the pictures on my own. Late this evening I downloaded the pictures, the all looked great … but then there was this one. This one stopped me in my tracks. I froze, looking at this profile against black. Perfect profile like on a coin or something. And I realized that Byron had captured something about me that I had never seen before. I don’t know if it was the seriousness, the stillness, the tone of contemplation or something else. All I knew was that this was an extraordinary picture. So extraordinary that I have no idea what to do with it. My Mom would like it because it looks like my Dad. My Dad would like it because … well, because he has rarely seen me like this. For some reason he would be proud.

I think I’m going to have to sleep on it tonight. Maybe I’ll get a brain storm tomorrow, and realize where this picture needs to live in my life. Thanks, Byron, for capturing me in a way I’ve never seen before … but perhaps the way others have seen me from time to time.

TODAY IS 16 DAYS BEFORE TAKE-OFF. Sixteen days before we begin the Round The World 70th Birthday Tour. Maybe this is just a shot of me looking forward into the unknown.

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5 Responses to The Way We See Ourselves … 16 days and counting …

  1. I like it, Mark, do you?

  2. it is a great foot and yes, I have seen you like this before – in very special moments of veracity. I’m sure you will know it’s place in your life soon…

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