October 13 – Where IS the Travis Technique?

On the Plane to Moscow – Where IS the Travis Technique?

I’ve been in Munich for over a week teaching Master Classes in the Travis Technique, meeting with old friends, making new friends and then participating in a Teleseminar generated out of Los Angeles on the topic of creating your own one-person show. This is a typical week for me in one of my European tours. Now I am on a plane to Moscow where I will conduct another three-day Master Class on the Travis Technique.

And I am realizing that I do way more teaching and training of the Travis Technique in Europe than I do in the US. Why is that? Well, part of it is economic; I’m hired by schools, institutions and organizations all over Europe to spread the good word. It’s a great way to make a living and see the world. But the other reason is more serious. Perhaps it’s cultural, perhaps it is just me, but for whatever reason there seems to be a greater appetite, curiosity, desire to explore and experiment in Europe than in the US.

Here’s one response I heard in the US several years ago when I approached a first-time director (member of the Director’s Guild) about the work I was doing and how it might help him expand his experience and effectiveness as a director: “I’m a director. I’m a member of the DGA. I don’t need more training.”

And here’s the response I heard earlier this year from a highly accomplished and experienced director in Amsterdam who was representing the DDG (Directors Guild in the Netherlands) when I made the same suggestion, “We need this. We need to keep learning. I need to keep learning. I’ve read your new book (“Bag of Tricks”) and I’ve already used two of the tricks to great success. Thank you.”

But I am determined to bring these techniques back to LA. The good news: the DGA Special Projects Committee is going to be sponsoring a series of Master Classes in 2012 on Directing the Actor and I will be doing one of them. I’ll keep you informed when it will be happening.

And in future blogs we’ll begin discussing what the Travis Technique really is. There’s a book coming (it’ll take a couple of years) but these will give you all a head start.

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One Response to October 13 – Where IS the Travis Technique?

  1. patti says:

    Hope you have a great time in Moscow, Mark. Enjoyed your interview with Chris Soth…it’s all about subtext. I’d love to hear more on the Travis Technique, tho I’m not a director. Keep us all posted on how you are enjoying yourself…I’m sure it’s a learning experience for you as well.

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