Munich – October 9 – what is this thing collaboration?

There’s an energy in the room when we are collaborating. How do you explain that? What is that electricity that vibrates between us as we share ideas? What is it that connects us as well all, consciously or unconsciously pull in the same direction?

I’ve been writing about collaboration for nearly twenty years. I think that is what attracted me most to the world of theatre and film. I think I never liked being alone, working alone, creating alone. But then on the other hand I relish and fiercely protect my times when I can truly be alone, writing, thinking, musing on my muse or whatever.

Now this weekend, I am in Munich, teaching a seminar/workshop to 20 or more directors, writers and actors. We’re exploring the complexities of the challenge of creating authentic characters (always a good idea). And we’re also, a bit more subtlety, exploring the creative collaboration between writers, directors and actors. And there is a wonderful energy in the room. Partly because we are not focussed on the creation of a single project but rather the exploration of our potential relationships – our collaboration. It’s like those wonderful (and often scary) moments when you are sitting with that significant someone and openly and honestly discussing your relationship. That’s it. That’s all.

Maybe if we spent more time in our lives truly looking at how we relate to each other, where it’s working, where’s it’s not working and always with the thought that “we can do better” … maybe then we could avoid those calamities, confusions and confrontations that lead to resentments or disasters.  Maybe we could.

So, this is where my brain is going at 4 am (yes, the jet lag still has me by the throat) while in the middle of a seminar in the middle of Munich. Welcome to my world.

More thoughts on another day.

Cheers, Mark

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