Munich – October 8 – just little amoebas

Jet lag is a wicked reminder of how terribly vulnerable we are. We are just little amoebas squiggling around on the ground in search of food or comfort. And then the Great Energy that created it all let’s us know that it’s not nice to fool around with high-speed travel and time zones and here comes your friendly reminder … wide awake at 3 am when in a few hours you have to go and teach a seminar on the intricacies and psychological complexities of the human condition as expressed through the imaginings and belief systems of a group of artists who dabble more in fantasy than reality. That’s what the Great Energy does to us little amoebas who think we’re so clever.

But when the Little Amoeba is awake at 3 am it has a tendency to think this is the best time to think. So quiet. So peaceful. There must be clear energy in the air and the possibility for great insights. So, hold on, this could either be brilliant or a brilliant waste of time. There is no knowing. But I promise to keep it short and pithy so whichever way it goes it will be over soon.

We all believe in roles, in responsibilities, in clearly defined tasks as we collaborate in the world of storytelling. Writers are supposed to conceive and write the story. Directors are supposed to take that story and give it life on the stage or the screen. Actors are supposed to embody the characters that live and breathe inside that story. But what if this is only the beginning? What if we begin stepping outside those clear boundaries? What if writers begin behaving like actors, and actors like directors and directors like writers, and on and on. If this is truly meant to be a collaboration, why do there have to be boundaries? Why do there have to be clearly defined roles and responsibilities?

When we were children and we played ‘make-believe’ we allowed ourselves to be whatever we wanted to be. There were no limits, not even the sky. So why, as adults, do we think it is more ‘mature’ to create limits and boundaries? Aren’t we just giving ourselves permission to hide? Aren’t we perhaps wrapping ourselves in the cloaks of defined roles in order to not feel the fear and the thrill of the unknown? Haven’t we lost the wonder and excitement of the child?

I’m leaving this blog with those questions. Sometimes I think it is better to just live in a world of questions without any attempt to find the answers. I do trust that the answers will come on their own, from wherever they are now, from wherever they are supposed to come from. Sometimes looking for the answers gets in the way of the answers arriving.

More thoughts tomorrow.

Now this Little Amoeba is going to squiggle back to the world of the sleeping.

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2 Responses to Munich – October 8 – just little amoebas

  1. great post Mark, sorry about the jetlag. But it got me thinking, yeah, when we were kids we played make-believe and created stories and characters. With so much media bombardment, are todays little ones having the chance to make up their own characters or are they just imitating their favorites: Disney Princesses for the girls and Transformers for the boys.

    Hope the work shop goes well, have a safe journey.

  2. Rebekah says:

    When I’m awaken at 3 a.m. by “God knows,” my next moves lead me to clarity. Usually I check for messages on my computer, and something important pops up. I like my sleep too.

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