Munich – October 7

The Blog posts over the next 2-3 weeks will be short, but pithy. Isn’t that a great word “pithy”? I am now on another of my European teaching tours. This one is short (only two weeks) and only two cities (Munich and Moscow). So, this seems to be the “M” tour. Blog posts will be written on the fly (another great term “on the fly” … when do we ever really do anything ‘on the fly’?). I committing to a blog post every morning just to let you all know what’s going on in the world of Mark.

Twitter. My Twitter account (!/MarkWTravis) is up and running (and even has a few posts) so check it out.

Newsletters. The monthly newsletter (which has been lacking a few months) will be back with wonderful information, Tips of the Month and announcements of great opportunities.

The weather in Munich is sunny but threatening rain. Doesn’t feel like LA at all … what a welcome change. Will leave my little room in a few moments and go for a walk on the Isar. (Why do we say “walk on the Isar” or any other river? We don’t walk ‘on’ them, we walk beside them. Unless they’re frozen and the Isar is never frozen.) And this walk will be wonderful, refreshing, reminding me of much of what I love about Munich, the many long walks I have taken in the past 12 years that I have been coming here.

Short and pithy, Mark, that is what you promised. Okay, here is the final thought: I will be teaching Master Classes on the Travis Technique in Munich and Moscow. So of course my mind is doing the best it can to stay focussed on the task at hand. And as I was thinking yesterday about my curious and amazing technique of working with actors suddenly this question came to me: “What are we doing? As actors, directors and writers we keep imagining, writing and creating moments of fiction in order to somehow get closer to our own truth, our own reality, our ‘facts’. We create fiction to find the facts. Or, is the problem really the opposite. Is there so much ‘fiction’ in our lives, our truth, our reality that we create another fiction which in reality is more honest than the one we live? I am writing screenplay (that I have been working on for nearly 9 years) that is pure fiction – made of ‘whole cloth’ (another great phrase). I knew from the beginning that I as writing close to my own truth and allowing myself to say things in this fiction that I was afraid to say to myself or anyone else. But it is nine years later and I am now beginning to see how clearly and deeply and honestly I was writing my truth, my life, my reality. I don’t think I write to know the world around me, I write to know the world within me.

That’s it for today. Would love to hear from any of you. And all of you in Munich and Moscow … see you soon.

(And now it’s staring to rain in Munich … see what I mean? Life is nothing if not an improvisation.)

Cheers, Mark

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