A Mind of It’s Own

What is a story?”

I have been trying for days now to answer this question – ‘what is a story?’ And as usual I find myself lured down some interesting pathway into the world of widgets and movies in the mind. These ADD detours, I must admit, fascinate me. I am always curious as to where my mind takes me. I do not feel in control. Every morning I sit here at my morning tea spot on the side of the hill where my house is perched. I look out at the hills of Shadow and the mountains of Verdugo, my loyal friend, Tanner, prancing through the shrubs and ice-plant, looking for unsuspecting rabbits and squirrels. (His ADD is worse than mine, that’s a comfort.) And every morning as I write I am taken on this wonderful journey of discovery. I never know where I am going. I am frequently surprised by the turns in the road. And I am often thrilled by the destination that I didn’t see coming. See the problem?

Just when I start to write about one thing my mind (which I think has a mind of it’s own) decides we’re going somewhere else. I’m thrilled that my mind has an idea of where we’re going because I certainly don’t. And then I drift further and further away from the original idea, the original question and find myself in the shrubs and ice plant looking for rabbits and squirrels to chase.

I don’t know if you ever worry about your mind. I do. Not my brain, my mind. My brain’s fine. Hey, 14 years ago it got itself re-arranged into a better configuration and now it’s happily chugging along like a newly restored antique car. It’s not going very fast but it’s looking good and attracting the appropriate ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’. But my mind, that is what concerns me. Mostly because I can’t seem to find it, can’t seem to wrap my arms around it, buddy up to it, claim it as my own. No, my mind truly has a mind of it’s own and it is as rebellious, independent, illusive, problematic and annoying as any two-year old. Problem is, it’s a teen-ager, re-arranged and restored 14 years ago. And now it looks at me with that teen-age angst of disgust and distain as if to say, ’puhlease! what do you know?’ and it walks out of the room to go and play with its friends.


For those of you wondering what the following paragraph is all about, you must read the blog post entitled: Which Widgets Do You Want to Make?

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5 Responses to A Mind of It’s Own

  1. Dave says:

    Well said, Mark. Sounds very familiar, as my own mind is of a very similar and rebellious nature too (despite what my brain may want it to do). Gotta go, think I just saw a rabbit!

  2. jsagiao says:

    Yes, the challenge of the wandering mind … sometimes I think our world would be a much better place if we just let our mind’s wander a little more frequently … maybe not as productive, but perhaps more content.

  3. Your mind is a mess, Mark. . . you got it right— but your soul, oh baby, you are a great master of soul and of leading others to find their own soul-source.

  4. patti says:

    Thanks, Mark. I never thought of a distinction between mind and brain….I’ll have to think about it after I catch that cwazy wabbit!

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