The Travis Technique – In The Beginning

So, tonight I sat down to write a proposal for a workshop/seminar that I am going to do at a local film school. Hmm, why call it a “local film school”, why not reveal the name. Okay, the Dodge College of Media and the Arts, part of Chapman University in Orange County. Great film school and I am looking forward to presenting my special workshop on The Travis Technique. Nice compliment, this is what they asked for. It seems this has become my trademark, my brand. Was never my intention, not my plan. But it all morphed that way. You make plans and God laughs!

So, sitting down to design this workshop, knowing that this is one of my favorite pastimes, creating workshops and seminars. But what happened? Why is it that after four hours not one bit of this workshop has been planned or conceived or designed? I thought, quite innocently, that I should start out with a short paragraph explaining how I developed this process called the Travis Technique. Good idea. Give the whole proposal some grounding. But that opening paragraph let to another paragraph and five pages later I was totally embedded in the complex journey of discovery that took me over 30 years. I must admit that I was a bit impressed with the story. Sounded great in hindsight, as stories often do. For four hours I examined over thirty years of my life that led to the point where I am now. Quiet an awesome four hours. And then of course I had to take a walk with Tanner. Here’s Tanner for those of you who haven’t met him. And on the walk with Tanner, where he sniffs and pees and I struggle with the weights I carry (both the barbells and the thoughts in my head that haunt me). And now back at home, thinking of what I never accomplished (the proposal that I promised to Chapman) and the things I did accomplish (a journey through 30 years of my creative life) and I begin to wonder who I am, what I am doing and where I am going. And all I can say is that with thoughts like that, it’s time for a good glass of cold white wine. Which is what I have now and it’s helping me write this blog.

Since the purpose of the blog (I think) is to have a conversation about The Travis Technique and all that that implies, I thought that perhaps I would just post my 5 pages. But something told me to hold off. Some little voice in my head said, “Hold off. Read it again, Make sure it’s what you want to say.” So I will do that.

Maybe tomorrow it will get posted. For tonight, it sits on my desk taunting me. See you tomorrow.

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