Commercial Break – “The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks”

"The Book You Have Been Waiting For"I know we’re on a nice roll with our conversations with Constantin and John … and I promised to ask Mr. Stanislavski some poignant questions, but my day was interrupted by two things, a Big Box delivered by UPS and the information that my new book, “The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks” was finally available on Amazon. The Box? A box full of copies of the book. This is all very exciting but now it is time for all of us to get on the marketing and promoting band wagon. Because there is a goal.

The Goal: To make “The Film Director’s Bag of Tricks” the number one book on in the film directing category. And how do we do that? Well, first, you go on line to and you buy a book. Now it’s only $17.90 on Amazon (a savings of over $5.00). This is a great price and you know you want to buy the book so why not buy it when it’s cheap AND when it can help me out? Second: you write a review of the book on Amazon. Yep, right there at the is a place where you can write the review. The more reviews and the more positive reviews, the higher the book is ranked. See how this works?

Do it now. You’ll feel good about yourself. You’ll have a nice new book to read. You’ll be helping a friend. Three pluses, how can you go wrong.

And tomorrow, we’ll get back to Constantin and John. I promise.

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