Thoughts from Odessa

I’ve been in Odessa, Ukraine, for over a week now. I am attending the Odessa International Film Festival as a special guest and as head teacher of the Script Workshop. See pictures. Had all great intentions of doing a blog post everyday in order to share my extraordinary experiences in this history city. But that’s the problem when being in an extraordinary city and meeting some of the most amazing artists from all over the world … you have no time to do blog posts. Someone should have warned me.

But, here are some quick impressions, ‘snapshots’ of the past week.

  • First, and most important, there is nothing quite like being treated like a celebrity, having your own driver, a luxury room in a 5-star hotel, rubbing elbows with John Malkovich, Vadim Perelman, Klaus Eder, Valery Todorosky and Maria De ……
  • There are apparently no tuxedo rental places in all of Odessa. I say apparently because I was whipped straight from the airport to a bridal shop (yes, we were looking for a tuxedo for me for the red carpet event the following day) and I was introduced to Sasha (every fourth person, male or female, is named ‘Sasha’) who immediately plunged into the project of constructing a tuxedo for me. The only element not adjusted, resize or reshaped was the jacket). (more on this later, it’s a great story which is still going on).
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One Response to Thoughts from Odessa

  1. Miranda says:

    It’s so great to have you back on your blog after a long time! I’ve been checking frequently to see your latest posting. I guess your experience in Ukraine is one that will turn out memorable. It’s quite interesting how the faces and expressions of the people in the photos were captured. Do have fun while you’re there and tell us all about it. Have a wonderful time.

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