Join me on the lonely road.

As a storyteller, filmmaker, writer, director and author of many books, I am always aware of how much I love to collaborate. I love the presence and energy of other artists. They inspire me, challenge me and most often raise the bar so high that I exceed my own expectations. But then, simultaneously, I am aware of how dreadfully alone I am, in all my pursuits. The life of an artist is (I think) by definition alone and too often lonely. Walking down that long road that we are believing will lead us to some sense of accomplishment, expression and perhaps even completion. But every step we take, we take alone.

When Billy Wilder was asked how me managed being both a writer and a director, his typical Wilderian response was, “When I am writing I wish I were directing. And when I am directing I wish I were writing.” And I have a similar feeling concerning the polarities of being alone and being in the presence of others.

With this new Blog Site I intend to reach out to all my friends and colleagues worldwide (both known and unknown) in an attempt to form a greater collaborative community.

Cheers for now,


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7 Responses to Join me on the lonely road.

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  2. Rob Hughes says:

    The extra mile is never crowded, Mark. To create is to reflect the very nature of God Himself and that is never a easy task for us mere mortals. But, it is definitely a privilege and an honor to do so. The road is tough, hard, lonely and filled with self sacrifice doubts galore. Oh, but when we succeed. When we have given it our very best and know it in our heart…how cool and fulfilling creating really is. And we do meet all sorts of interesting folk along the way, do we not?


  3. Beth Paul says:

    Here’s a story! It was 7th grade, and a shy little girl was sitting next to a very talented boy who was kind of cute and really nice. Unfortunately, the teacher was out that day and one of those Nazi substitutes was patrolling the class. The assignment: draw a picture of something you liked to do (or maybe it was of something even vaguer). Clever little boy had a great picture almost finished but shy little girl was clumsy and inept in art. She leaned over to better see what that cute left handed boy was doing with his wonderful picture. Immediately, the Nazi whisked that little girl up from her seat and sent her outside the room for being disruptive. Could anything be more humiliating for a little girl who never caused trouble? That could have started her on a life of sin and dysfunction, but I guess her parents were too strict for that to happen. She got over it eventually, and had a fairly successful career in education. And that clever boy turned out to have a pretty successful life in the arts if not with art itself. Perhaps you have some memories of your younger self? You’ve certainly aged well.
    Hugs to you and best wishes with your new blog.
    Beth (Ruggles) Paul

    • markwtravis says:

      Beth, I love your story. Thank you for sending it and letting it be part of my Blog on storytelling. I will share stories of my younger self soon, some that you might have heard. So good to be in touch with you again. Cheers, Mark

  4. Kevin Hughes says:

    Well done on your new blog. I still keep in touch with some of the lads and lassies I met in Dublin during your brilliant blocking course. I worked with Hillary Rose, one of the actors, on one of my short films, she is a real talent. Thanks Mark

  5. MIranda says:

    While it may seem you are alone in your pursuit, I believe you’re not. One of the first steps in conquering loneliness is reaching out to others which you have so rightfully done by owning a blog (congratulations on that!). In doing so, you’ll be surprised the number of people that are with you not only in belief, but also in reason. Your journey may be unique to you as a person, but the road isn’t exactly different. It’s like going on a road-trip to Canada. The route is the same, but the experience is different for each person that passes the road. So enjoy your unique experience, and out of it, impact the world in a positive way. But keep in mind that you are not alone. There are other people like you traveling on this same road- learn from their experiences too.

    All the best,

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